The main production facilities of LLC «CenterPlast» cover the area of more than 2.5 ha. The industrial building houses equipment for preparation of raw materials and semi-finished products, casting, manufacture of shells, and thread cutting.
Products are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, the polymer compound is prepared by mixing and extrusion equipment “Reifenhauser”. The line is equipped with high separation and dosing systems.
Workpieces are molded on machines (from HAITIAN — the world’s leading company in the branch) in automatic mode. Most injection molding machines function without intervention of personnel and are equipped with robot-manipulators.
Thread cutting and metal treatment are performed by CNC machines. Automation and design solutions allow the equipment to run around the clock.
Surely, adjustment and maintenance of such machines can be done only by carefully selected and highly qualified experts. Selection and training of personnel are implemented within the scope of “CenterPlast” training program.
Summarizing the above, we would like to note that our company is a cutting-edge and innovative enterprise that continues to develop and improve. Projects of LLC «CenterPlast» never stop pleasing our customers and surprising the competitors.


Casing (CP), pump-compressor (PCP), interlock, and other pipes with threaded connections form the basis of the transport and power system of the country. These are expensive products. Pipe junctions, aka pipe ends and couplings are the most vulnerable point in storage, transportation, and installation works. Even minor damage, imperfections, corrosion, or deformation of the thread are not allowed.
That is why the importance of protection of pipe ends and couplings can be hardly overestimated. High requirements to barrier properties of protective products (protectors) are reasonable and justified. Keeping a threaded part in a good condition enables to preserve the pipe and ensure the integrity and smooth operation of the entire pipeline system.

Purpose and properties

LLC «CenterPlast» produces the thread protectors (cap and nipple type) that are intended for protection against corrosion and mechanical damages of threaded joints in PCP and CP (produced in accordance with GOST 632, GOST 633, GOST R 53366/ISO 11960:2004, API Specification 5CT (9th ed.)/ISO 11960) during storage and transportation at temperatures ranging from -60 0C to +66 0C.
The products are inert to influence of solvents, corrosion-preventing oils, and thread lubricants applied at assembly stage.
Protectors are resistant to UV radiation and adverse environmental factors within at least one year.
Safety parts are manufactured according to the diameter of the protected pipe and are divided into the following design types:
• by availability of the shell — reinforced with the shell (RS);
• by the type of the protected thread:
• by availability of the bottom — open (O) or closed (C);

Protector range

The table shows the main thread types for PCP, CP, and couplings for them produced by LLC «CenterPlast».

Innovation and development

LLC «CenterPlast» has been developing and adopting the new compound and technological methods for continuous improvement of quality of the existing and future goods for more than 20 years.
The enterprise includes a research department for improvement of the polymer formulations. We offer the protectors with a polymer matrix meeting the requirements of the modern standards. Some plastic products are reinforced with the shell and surpass the analogues of our competitors by strength.
We have developed the solutions for decoration of the polymer protectors. No other company offers such options.
Our partners in Kazakhstan are currently testing the fundamentally new protectors for smooth pipe that are several times lower in price. This allows to reduce the expenses for production, storage, and transportation of protective products.
Protectors can be modified with seals, which additionally increases the tightness of threads, including those with GW coating.
We are developing the locating blocks based on innovative polymer compound.


Innovations in tread design, polymer formulations, and threads are presented in current patents for inventions and utility models.
The current patents of the RF (LLC «CenterPlast») are presented below
”Thread protection device” Patent for utility model No.65869 (commencement of patent — 25.04.2007). Patent holders: Karetnikov V.V., Kasheev V.A.
“Thread protection device” Patent for utility model No.38732 (03.12.2004). Patent holder — CJSC «Holding Company “Center-M”.
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“Device for long cargo packing” Patent for utility model No.63014 (12.12.2006). Patent holder — CJSC «Holding Company “Center-M”.
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“Leak-tight-high threaded connection of oil and gas field pipes” Patent for utility model No.116952 (10.06.2012). Patent holder: LLC «TMK Premium Service»
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“Leak-tight threaded connection of oil-field pipes” Patent for utility model No.76099 (08.09.2008). Patent holder: LLC «TMK Premium Service»
The rights to use the invention and utility models are certified by agreements between LLC «CenterPlast» and patent holders.