Our company has been working in the market of products intended for protection of casing and pump-compressor pipe threads (threaded protectors) and systems for packaging and transportation of pipe products for many years. Over this period, we’ve made a long way, from simple products to high-quality goods complying with requirements of the international standards, as well as any needs of manufacturers and consumers of pipe goods for oil & gas branch.

Currently, our company is the only one domain-specific company in Russia, working exclusively in the field of development and production of goods for protection of threads, pipe packaging and transportation. We are constantly working on development of new designs for our products, new polymer compounds, and continuous enhancement of product quality. The structure of our company includes a testing laboratory equipped with the certified equipment enabling us to test the protectors in accordance with API Spec 5CT and any other standards or customer’s specifications. In addition, our company has a full-fledged research laboratory which allows us to study the properties of various polymer formulations.


Thread protector

Polymer protectors are made of polymer compound on the basis of high-density polyethylene. Protectors are recyclable.

Protectors for pumping and compressor pipes

No.Standard sizeThread type
2,543,175 long3,175 short4,2335,08


Thread protector is a fairly simple part, although it is subjected to very high requirements. According to statistics, up to 10% of pipes supplied to the pipe depots of oil companies get damage of thread during the transportation due to poor quality and inadequate design of safety parts — thread protectors. The protector should protect the threaded part of the pipe and the coupling from damage caused by hits during the transportation and handling, corrosion and contamination during the storage. Thus, it should perform its functions in the temperature range from -46 to +66°C. Most of the current requirements for thread protectors, which the world’s largest pipe manufacturers are guided by, are currently regulated in the 9th edition of American Petroleum Institute API Spc 5CTs/international standard ISO 11960. This standard defines three product specification levels (PSL) — PSL-1, PSL-2, PSL-3, which also apply to thread protectors. Every next level includes the requirements set out in the previous one, i.e. PSL-2 includes the requirements of PSL-1 and PSL-3 automatically includes the requirements of PSL-1 and PSL-2.


The main production facilities of LLC «CenterPlast» cover the area of more than 2.5 ha. The industrial building houses equipment for preparation of raw materials and semi-finished products, casting, manufacture of shells, and thread cutting. Products are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, the polymer compound is prepared by mixing and extrusion equipment “Reifenhauser”. The line is equipped with high separation and dosing systems. Workpieces are molded on machines (from HAITIAN — the world’s leading company in the branch) in automatic mode. Most injection molding machines function without intervention of personnel and are equipped with robot-manipulators. Thread cutting and metal treatment are performed by CNC machines. Automation and design solutions allow the equipment to run around the clock. Surely, adjustment and maintenance of such machines can be done only by carefully selected and highly qualified experts. Selection and training of personnel are implemented within the scope of “CenterPlast” training program. Summarizing the above, we would like to note that our company is a cutting-edge and innovative enterprise that continues to develop and improve. Projects of LLC «CenterPlast» never stop pleasing our customers and surprising the competitors.




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